Common Questions

Are there any additional costs to watch the Android Box?
No. There are NO additional costs

Are you able to watch live tv?
Yes, you can watch all Canadian and American channels.

Can i stream live sport channels
Yes, you can stream all the sports channels on our boxes.

Do you guarantee the quality of the streams?
No. Having said that, as long as you have a good quality broadband connection you will always experience a more than satisfactory stream.  The vast majority of streams are good to great quality, many are HD, or even 3D quality. If a stream is not adequate or of a poor quality, there are many many more available, it is just a matter of clicking on them.

What if I click on a stream and it does not work?
This is a common situation that is encountered when streaming videos.  There are many other users around the world watching the same streams.  We recommend that you try many different streams when watching your content on your Android TV Box. Also, please try watching the same titles in different add-ons as they pull their streams from different sources.

Should I use Wi-Fi or a cable to connect my Android Box?
In General, a wired (Ethernet Cable) is always best because a direct connection does not suffer from any interference that Wi-Fi connections are subject to. The speed of a direct cable connection is always faster than a Wi-Fi connection.  If your ISP (Internet Service Provider e.g. Shaw) have located your broadband router in the same room as your TV, then you can connect directly to your stream box via a cable. If your broadband router is in another room or even another floor, you can use Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Whatever you decide, rest assured that a GOOD Wi-Fi connection is more than adequate.

How fast does my internet have to be for this to work?
Minimum speeds for standard content is 2Mbps, HD content is 3-5 Mbps.

Here is a general guide for streaming:
1.0 - 2.3 Mb/s for SD — Standard definition video
2.3 Mb/s - 4.5 Mbs for HD — High definition 720p resolution video 
4.5 Mb/s - 9 Mb/s for HDX — Full high definition 1080p resolution video and high definition audio 
Over 9 Mb/s for 3-D HD movies
15 Mb/s is the minimum necessary for 4K streaming (25mb/s is preferred).

Can I check my internet connection speed?

What do I need to do before I order?
Do a speed test above to see that your internet connection is fast enough - if your connection scores 2 Mbps or more you're ready for the Android Box.

How much bandwith will I use?
The average 2 hour movie is about 800mbs.  This would mean that if you watched one movie a day you would need about 24gbs usage/month.  The average mid-range high-speed internet package offered by the 3 major cable companies in Canada allows for over 125gbs usage/month. 

Make sure you know your wireless network password for your router
Have a spare plug socket within reach of the TV to power the Android Box

Your TV must have ONE of the following:
1. HDMI socket 
2. RCA /Component inputs

Do You accept payments by cheque?
No - we accept payments by PayPal or cash